Primo Tabs

Primo Tabs

Brand: Alpha Pharma
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Package: 25mg (50 pills)
Substance: Methenolone acetate (Primobolan)

Primobolan (Primo Tabs) has always been considered a mild drug and is most effective during the cutting period for both women and men.

In this case, you will be able to improve the constitution of the body and prepare for responsible competitions.

Note that the anabolic, Primobolan, can be produced both in tablet and injectable form. Primo Tabs contain the active substance Methenolone Acetate, whereas the drug in injectable form is Methenolone with an Enanthate ester attached.



The drug has weak anabolic and androgenic properties, which explains its mild effect on the body. Since the androgenic activity of this steroid is small, it is often used by female athletes. The most significant advantage of the steroid is the complete absence of aromatization. Actually, it is for this reason that the drug is actively used for cutting or when gaining a high-quality mass. It also indicates the impossibility of the manifestation of such side effects as gynecomastia and high puffiness due to water retention in the body. All of the above can be confirmed by the reviews of bodybuilders who have repeatedly used this drug.

With the help of a solo cycle of Primobolan, it is almost impossible to gain muscle mass and all of the positive qualities of the drug are manifested during the cutting period. The physical strength of the user however is significantly increased, and there is a strong anti-catabolic effect.



With the help of modern methods of doping control, the metabolites of the tablet drug can be detected for 6 weeks.

The half-life of Primobolan is about five hours for the oral form. So the daily Primobolan dose should be split into several doses.

For beginners, take 50 to 100mg of oral Primobolan for men every day. The dosage for beginner to experienced steroid users ranges from 100 to 200mg per day.

Post-cycle therapy (PCT) should begin a few days after the cycle has ended.



The Alpha Pharma brand of Methenolone Acetate should only be used for two months at a time because after that the danger of adverse effects increases and the anabolic steroid's potency starts to decline. Primobolan Tablets can be as effective as possible during cutting. You can prevent the muscle mass from being destroyed in this circumstance (catabolism).

Since Primobolan's anabolic activity is quite low, many bodybuilders are curious about how to get the most out of their cycles with the drug.

Primobolan and Testosterone, Primobolan and Methandienone, and Primobolan and Nandrolone are all excellent combos.

You can get high quality mass by using Primobolan Tabs with these anabolics. Primobolan + Winstrol is the greatest option for cutting cycles.

Additionally, keep in mind that you shouldn't use more than three AAS in a single cycle, and their dosages should be reduced by 50% compared to solo use.



The fact that this is one of the safest steroids should be emphasized right away. Alpha Pharma's Primobolan tablets are unable to significantly inhibit the pituitary fossa's function.

The production of testosterone will fall by half while taking this drug at a dosage of 50mg for an extended length of time, although it can be restored within 7 to 14 days.

Although the drug has a pretty long list of potential adverse effects, in actuality they are very uncommon.

However, before using the drug, we advise that you have some prior experience with more "soft" sports pharmacology, such as a cycle of Methandienone or Turinabol solo.



Professional bodybuilders are extremely reserved about solo cycles of this drug and practically do not use the steroid separately from other AAS. But the reviews about the combined cycles are positive.

Athletes note the excellent ability of Primobolan to maintain muscle mass and improve muscle quality. Side effects during the use of a steroid are very rare and athletes practically do not mention them.

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