Primo Tabs

Primo Tabs

Brand: Alpha Pharma
Product Code: 556
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Package: 25mg (50 pills)
Substance: Methenolone acetate (Primobolan)

Primo Tabs - cteroid moderate anabolic and androgenic effects of the Indian pharmaceutical company. The main active ingredient - methenolone acetate. The drug is an oral form of release - 50 tablets of 25 mg. Athletes worldwide, including the UK are often faced with the choice between oral and injectable steroids based methenolone. I must say that both forms have their advantages and disadvantages. Pelleted Primo Tubbs has a short duration of action (decay occurs in about 5 hours), no toxic effects on the liver, but is more expensive. The injectable form provides a more uniform delivery of active ingredient in the blood.

In general, metenolone acetate is sufficiently soft steroid, anabolic its activity is 88% of testosterone, androgen - 44%. The duration of action of the drug - up to 6 hours, at the time of detection of doping control - up to six months. In this connection, oral Primo Tabs favorably with injection, traces of which remain in the body for about six months.

Effects of reception Primo Tabs UK

  • Providing relief muscles. Primo Tabs significantly improves the appearance of muscles, namely, their vascularity and drawing. It is often used by members of military sports (mainly - bodybuilders in the UK and in the rest world) in the final phase of preparation for a competition.
  • Save to gain muscle mass.
  • There is little or rollback phenomenon.
  • Minimal risk of adverse reactions.

Given the mild action Primo Tabs, to some extent comparable to the "deck", it is most often used in the drying course. I must say that steroid use on the set of irrational mass: most likely, you will not get the desired effect.

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