Delivery Information


  • We work with 100% prepayment;
  • We accept Webmoney as payment;
  • After the order process is complete, we will send details and payment instructions to your email;
  • When paying the transfer fee, please consider (be sure to keep a check) and let our email time and the amount of payment be known;
  • Payment verification takes place during the day and is usually done very fast.


  • Sending secure parcels;
  • We work to ensure all parcels arrive safely;
  • We send our parcels via the Postal Service or by the EMS Services;
  • After shipping is complete, we can send you a tracking code for your parcel.


  • After payment, the goods are dispatched within 1-3 working days (not including weekends), the delivery time depends on the distance to your specific region. The average delivery time takes 1-2 weeks and as stated, the tracking code is usually sent within 1 day after sending the package.
  • Available via normal delivery and via EMS (average delivery in 6 days). The amount of shipping is calculated automatically within the ordering process, so you can select which is the most suitable delivery option for you and your schedule!