Privacy Policy

Basic information

Do I need a prescription?
No, not in our shop.

Are there any age restrictions for those under 18?
Yes, you must be at least 18 years.

Can I order even though I'm not a professional bodybuilder?
Yes, you can. If you are aged over 18.

Is there a minimum order?
There is no minimum.

Is it possible to purchase steroids on the internet?
The laws vary from state to state. In one state, purchase and possession of quantities for personal use is not penalized, and elsewhere are covered by a penalty. Most countries maintain tolerance approach.

Product Information

Can I contact you regarding product information?
We are happy to advise you. Furthermore, all information is available on the Internet. If you do not have at least 18 years, our communication stops the.

Which brands and steroids are best?
There are hundreds of bodybuilders, and hundreds of possibilities. It's true that everywhere else - you get what you pay for. Asian products are cheaper European products are of better quality - this according to opinions of customers.

What if I am not satisfied with the quality of products?
We guarantee 100% satisfaction for the brand: Balkan Pharmaceuticals, the XBS laboratories Eurochem laboratories, European laboratories. If you are not satisfied with the results of these products, we will refund the money committed.

Ordering information

How to order quickly?
In the left column, you can choose to steroids by type, brand, active ingredient or country. Execution of orders is a matter of two minutes.

Can I change my order?
Yes, as long as you do not make payment. The best way is to create a new order and cancel the old email.

I have not received confirmation email to
check first your SPAM folder. Then you can contact us.

Can I get better prices?
Yes, just try our products and services a few times. After some shopping, we will send a list of special prices and new payment options.

Payment Information

I do not see payment information, how can I pay?
The ensembel of payment information will come via email after completing the order.

What is the procedure after completion of the order?
See payment instructions in the order confirmation. Pay, you can expect the payment, the payment arrives, we ship your package. Your payment usually arrives within 2-3 days. In some rare cases - 4-5 days.

Delivery information

it A tracking code is available?
Yes, but we only send to customers only in case of problems with the post office. Shipping usually takes seven days from the payment confirmation. In rare cases the delivery may take up to 12 working days. If you do not receive your package after this period, please send us a message and we will send you a tracking number.

How long does delivery take?
It depends on many factors, but generally the packages arrive within 7 days of shipping. In rare cases the delivery may take up to 12 days.

Is the signature is required on receipt of the shipment?

time 3 weeks and still no parcel behind the door
Consult your post office and contact us. If the shipment is lost or remains at the customs office, we will ship your package a second time, at our own expense. The only requirement is the delivery to another address. Thank you not try to play with us - we can see which package is delivered and which is not.

My package ended at customs
Congratulations, you are among the lucky 2%. Send us a photo of a letter of customs officers, we will send a new package at our own expense. The only condition is to send a different name and address.

After-sales service

missing products in my package
either has not received full payment of your order or we have erred during treatment. Regarding the second option, contact us and we will immediately send the missing goods, including a small gift and more.

I received a damaged product
Products are packaged better than Amazon. However, if a product is really damaged, someone had to play basketball with the package. Send us a photo of the damaged product and send you a new product at our expense.