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Powerful and well-developed chest - a dream of many athletes. It pectoral muscles form the characteristic physical shape of the torso, being one of the major muscle groups of the body. Train chest muscle is considered the most important in bodybuilding.
Push-ups, which are the primary anatomical exercise for the chest muscles, have limited the growth of the resource, not allowing you to work with the extra weight - is not only important to know the effective exercises for the chest, but also to understand the anatomy of the chest muscles.

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Greetings to all our readers! Today we will touch on one of the most important topics of bodybuilding - the right food after exercise. You will learn what exactly is and how long after the end of your studies. Learn about our body features, which dictate these rules. Also, we will consider the nuances of post-workout nutrition, not only for those who wish to gain weight, but also for those who want to lose weight. In general, it will be very interesting, my friends, so let's get started!