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Substance: Methandienone oral (Dianabol)

Metaprime - anabolic and androgenic steroid from the Indian pharmaceutical company. Release form of the drug - injection 100 mg / 10 ml and 12 mg tablets / 100 tab. The main active substance - methandienone. The steroid was invented in America in the 60s of the last century. The first company that produced the drug was Ciba. The original purpose of manufacturing methandienone lay exclusively in the medical plane and assumed the treatment of burns, increased tone in women and the acceleration of regenerative processes in the body.

Later "Metaprime" began to be used by athletes to build muscle and increase athletic performance, despite a ban by the FDA - American organization to control with medicines and food. Steroid does not belong to the group of the most dangerous AAS, even today, and is actively promoting its harmfulness. I must say that in more toxicity methandienone exaggerated, as well as understated its anabolism. As shown by numerous studies and sports practice, taking into account the phenomenon of recoil (which, incidentally, can be minimized by properly compiled to date) of the steroid Methandienone Radjay allow dial up to 8 kilograms of muscle mass. Methandienone exhibits little estrogenic activity has a moderate effect on the liver. The duration of action of oral steroid - 6-8 hours, while detection of doping control - up to three months. Injection form is more advantageous for professional athletes in Europe, including UK.

Effects from Metaprime

  • The rapid increase in muscle mass. The effect is due to the fact that the steroid activate protein synthesis. 
  • Reduction of body fat (effect is negligible and only observed when used correctly steroid).
  • Strengthening the skeletal system.
  • The increase in power performance, accompanied by a set of muscle mass.
  • Slightly androgenic effects (twice less than that of testosterone).

How to take Methandienone? Tips by athletes from the UK

Methandienone course recommended adult athletes in the UK to increase muscle mass and power growth indicators. Steroid tablet form is a classic, injection is practically has no analogues. Maximum safe daily dosage is 30 milligrams. It is desirable to take the drug for 3 times: it avoids the spike in hormonal levels. Starting rate is better with minimal dosage (10 milligrams), gradually increasing it until the optimum. The maximum recommended duration of administration of methandienone is 6 weeks. The course must be used aromatase inhibitors (eg, Anastrozole), and on its completion spend PCT tamoxifen.

As for how to make methane in the form of injections, in principle, it is possible to follow the same scheme as for the oral formulation. In the course of jumps of arterial pressure. In this case, use of antihypertensive drugs (e.g., enalapril, 5 mg dose). To increase massonabornogo effect from Radjay Dianabol can be combined with trenbolone, Sustanon, testosterone, nandrolone and Primobolan. In preparing the mixed scheme, the priority is to add testosterone.

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