Brand: Alpha Pharma
Product Code: 552
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Package: 5mg (50 pills)
Substance: Fluoxymesterone (Halotestin)

Halobol is Alpha Pharma’s version of Halotestin, which is an oral steroid for sale in our UK shop with extremely powerful anabolic and androgenic effects. Fluoxymesterone, the active substance within “Halo”, has an androgenic effect that is 8.5 times greater than testosterone and an anabolic effect that is 19 times more powerful than testosterone! Due to its potency, Halotestin is only advised to be taken by experienced steroid users.


The effects that Halotestin is famous for include increasing physical capabilities, lean mass, and aggression. The steroid will increase strength substantially, while also increasing endurance by preventing the feeling of fatigue during workouts. Halo will also provide more energy and motivation for training, which can be called healthy aggression. Part of this aggression could be due to the release of adrenaline during Halotestin use. The results from a Halo cycle will be high-quality lean muscle mass with pronounced definition. 


You will only find the steroid for sale in oral form. Alpha Pharma’s Halotestin is available to buy in our shop in a pack of 50 tablets at 5mg per tab. Due to the powerful nature of the steroid, 10-20mg per day is all that is required to experience the full effects of Halotestin. Although some experienced bodybuilders with a high tolerance may increase the dose up 40mg daily. Halotestin’s half-life is roughly 9 hours, so daily dosages should ideally be split into 2 separate doses.

The length of cycle doesn’t need to be long either – 4-6 weeks is the maximum amount of time required to see results from a Halotestin cycle. If you run the cycle any longer than this, it will only do damage to your liver.

For PCT, it is strongly advised to use Clomid for restoring oestrogen levels. Don’t use Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) since it will be ineffective after a Halotestin cycle.


As mentioned, Halotestin can be liver toxic if used for an extended period of time or at high doses so liver protective substances (such as Liv.52) are advised to be used during the cycle. Other Halotestin side effects include acne, irritability, nosebleeds, intestinal pain, and decreased natural testosterone production.

Halotestin is not the best drug for women to use since it has a high tendency to cause virilization effects in women, including facial hair growth, voice deepening, etc.


You will find limited reviews of Halotestin online compared to other steroids. This is because it is only serious bodybuilders and experienced steroid users that should be running this steroid in a cycle. Competing bodybuilders appreciate Halotestin as a pre-competition steroid to gain quick results in terms of lean and defined muscle.


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