Testocom Phoenix Remedies

Testocom Phoenix Remedies

Brand: Phoenix Remedies
Product Code: 15020
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Package: 10ml vial (375mg/ml)
Substance: Sustanon 250 (Testosterone mix)

Testocom is created on the basis of Sustanon, which is a well-known steroid that contains a mix of 4 esters of the male hormone, testosterone. This is one of the most widely used and popular steroids on today’s market. Among the drug’s advantages are its long and short esters which should be mentioned. This means that a user does not need to administer frequent injections but also will benefit from the shorter esters within the mix. These Testosterone esters are: Phenylpropionate, Propionate, Isocaproate and Decanoate.

Although this drug has appeared recently, it already became popular among both experienced and beginner bodybuilders. The active agents of the drug provide a continuous effect due to different absorption speeds and these separate esters reach their peak concentration levels at different times. If compared with Testosterone Enanthate, Sustanon allows keeping a high level of free testosterone within the blood.


• It allows for gaining rapid muscle mass;

• It has strong anti-catabolic properties;

• The red blood cell levels are increased;

• Improved fat burning capabilities;

• Improves the appetite for the user;

• It accelerates nitrogen and phosphorus metabolism;

• It increases the sexual drive and libido levels;

• It can be used within bulking or cutting cycles.


On average, the minimal dose of this steroid is 250-500mg per week. The drug should be injected every 3-4 days for the optimal results. Some user’s take Sustanon once per week due to the fact they do not like frequent injections and this is fine, but for the maximum effects (due to the short esters) Sustanon should be taken twice weekly at minimum. Athletes with greater experience in taking sports pharmacology drugs may take an increased dose of 750-1,500mg per week but this is done with caution on their behalf.

Sustanon courses are usually run for 8-10 weeks for beginners and from 10-14 weeks for more advanced users. This time frame is based on an individual level, as some users will use this substance for longer periods when combined with Deca, but again, this is done with precautions and experience in using the drug.

According to several feedbacks from bodybuilders, this anabolic allows reaching good results both if taking an individual cycle or if combined with other steroids. Thanks to the long and short esters within Sustanon this means that it can be used within both cutting and bulking cycles. Generally, it is mainly used for bulking courses but again this is not set in stone, as it comes down to the user’s personal preferences.


Sustanon like other versions of testosterone esters can transform into oestrogen easily. So for minimizing or preventing oestrogen-related side effects, specialists strongly recommend a timely post-cycle therapy after the course is complete. Although Sustanon’s oestrogenic effects are lessened due to the shorter esters, many who will be running higher dosages or longer durations use Tamoxifen as a preventative drug. If Deca or Trenbolone are used within a cycle stack, due to these substances being progestin in nature, Tamoxifen will become ineffective. Instead, Cabergoline (Dostinex) is used as the preventative substance. In some cases, according to feedback from athletes who have administered this drug, the following side effects may occur:

1. Muscle pain;

2. Aggression;

3. Nausea;

4. Headaches.

These can be mild side effects, but it is worth noting them like with all substances that are used. If you follow the dosages and durations of its use, no side effects should occur during your cycle.


Almost all of the feedback regarding Sustanon is positive. Perhaps you can find some rare complaints from bodybuilders that lumps occur after injections. But this is related to a wrong injection method, not with the steroid. When used correctly and of the drug is not abused, no official health complaints have been made. There are also no doubts that this is a rather effective and well liked steroid! Here at uk-roids, we pride ourselves in stocking only original and genuine Sustanon.

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