Every woman, involved into the female bodybuilding wants to achieve the best results.

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A professor Kyupersa. In clinical medicine there are cases of the use of intravenous solutions of arginine and ornithine in testing reserve in human growth hormone. Steroids are a family of lipid molecules that includes cholesterol, steroid hormones and bile salts. 

A professor Kyupersa. In clinical medicine there are cases of the use of intravenous solutions of arginine and ornithine in testing reserve in human growth hormone. Steroids are a family of lipid molecules that includes cholesterol, steroid hormones and bile salts. Thus, based on the minimum number of amino acids required for the body (250mg / kg) dose of 15-30 g Other amino acids can also result in temporary secretion of growth hormone. Based on this, highly trained athletes promote acceptance of arginine and ornithine. However, in the case of oral administration of the body to digest a significantly lower amount of both, making the effect of a very dubious. Fogelholma Studies Suminski and Lambert (1993) showed that there was no effect on the secretion of growth hormone and insulin intake of arginine, lysine, ornithine and tyrosine, taken separately or in combination, were found. The few studies to effect been questioned due to the lack of statistical data and shortcomings of methodology. Female bodybuilding becomes more and more popular among young women. Thus, oral administration of amino acids does not lead to the secretion of growth hormone, and even if this effect was discovered, he would wear a temporary nature and could not have an impact on athletic performance. My advice to athletes is very simple: there is no scientific basis for believing that oral supplementation of arginine and ornithine beneficial effect on athletic performance, and use of such products - a waste of money.

How to join in the female bodybuilding and start training?

Question. In the past three years, considerable attention is paid to nutrition "30-30-40", also called "zonal power" as a method to improve adaptation to training and to the very sporty performance. Experience and numerous sales in bodybuilding area. Buy anabolics online! The rationale for this method is not of a scientific nature. And what is your opinion? Answer Dr. Hawley. "Products Zone power" was developed and became popular thanks to Dr. Berry done by Sears and his book "Enter the Zone". In this book, declared by that zone of optimal health, weight maintenance and fitness success can be achieved by observing the power supply system developed by him. The point system is in perfect balance between the levels of insulin and glucagon. This is achieved by the use of energy pischepogo mix (mixture) consists of 40% carbohydrates, 30% fat and 30% protein. In practice it looks as follows: the food is divided into either "good" carbohydrate units (low glycemic index), protein, and fat blocks Blocks, which are consumed during the day m certain ratio. However, food is not a member of the unit ideal and recommended food mixture is hardly realistic in a customary daily diet consisting of normal, ordinary food. While practicing female bodybuilding, you should always think about your health. Book contradictory recommendations are not practical, as many of the facts are misleading. In the book, a lot of loud statements related to the curative effect of the method, and so on. N. Quotes and examples used in the book, are selective and often anecdotal, in short, all the statements have a decent base.

How will your figure change with female bodybuilding?

Question. Chromium, especially in the form of chromium picolinate, is recommended as an effective tool for reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass. How steroids effects in our body and how to use it? On the other hand, a recent article in «Sports Nutrition» magazine criticizes this view.

At least two of the published studies claim that dietary supplements containing chromium picolinate (a complex of chromium with picolinic acid, which increases the absorption of chromium), during a short (6-12 weeks) weight training can increase fat-free (lean) body weight and lowering the fat component. It is believed that chromium provides an increase in muscle strength. However, in the study, which is considered the best, does not contain evidence of the fact that the food supplements containing chromium, altered body composition, or increased muscle strength in football, in preparation for the season. Is it possible to lose weight with female bodybuilding? In conclusion, it should be noted that there is some amount of data that chromium deficiency is a problem among athletes. These beneficial effects of additives containing chromium on body composition and muscle strength inconclusive.

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