How to pump up the back muscles at home?

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A pumped up and well-built back is the dream of many male athletes. There is an opinion that it is almost impossible to achieve a good result if you train on your own at home or on a simple sports ground in the yard. This has already been mentioned many times in the materials of various sports magazines, but there are also many examples of the effectiveness of such exercises. The desire of people to achieve success in pumping up their back muscles, as well as the inability to exercise in a sports club, for some reason is a very important incentive to achieve this goal.

A pumped up and well-built back is the dream of many male athletes. There is an opinion that it is almost impossible to achieve a good result if you train on your own at home or on a simple sports ground in the yard. This has already been mentioned many times in the materials of various sports magazines, but there are also many examples of the effectiveness of such exercises. The desire of people to achieve success in pumping up their back muscles, as well as the inability to exercise in a sports club, for some reason is a very important incentive to achieve this goal.

Every man wants to hear from his girlfriend that she feels like she is behind a stone wall. But if we talk about the external manifestation of this expression, then pumped up rhomboid, lat and trapezius muscles make a special impression on the female sex. However, many newbies in this business do not know how to pump up their back at home. In this article you will find information on which exercises to use for this purpose and how to perform them correctly.


General info

Before answering the question of how to pump up the back, it is necessary to study in detail the information about the muscles of this group. Developed muscles in the back help to strengthen the main frame, which is the spine. Thanks to the spinal muscles, the spinal column is exposed to the least stress. This eliminates injury to the vertebrae during a fall, impact, jump or even while walking. It is for this reason that the muscles on the back play a very important role in human health, being a kind of shield within their action.

Before pumping up your back, you should pay attention to the fact that there are exercises for the development and strengthening for people without health restrictions, as well as for those people who have diseases, such as osteochondrosis. This must be taken into account without fail. In this article, you can find information on how to pump up the back for ordinary people, as well as for athletes with osteochondrosis. 



Features of the exercise

First of all, you should make out the main nuances before doing exercises at home. It should be noted right away that if you want to have a good, pumped up back, then it is not at all necessary to visit the gym. Although many experts recommend performing all exercises in fitness centres. Before elucidating how to pump up your back muscles at home, you should abstractly imagine which fibres are specifically located in this zone. After all, a person should know what they are training within their workout.

First of all, the upper back should be mentioned. It is located from the neck to the shoulder blades. This muscle group includes the trapezium and rhomboid muscles. The trapezoid can be pumped well with push-ups on the uneven bars. And the rhomboid muscles in most cases receive load by pulling up on the bar.

The next zone is the middle of the back. This area accounts for the main volume of all muscle fibres. The latissimus muscles are located here. Please note that the more you pump this zone, the more pronounced the definition will be. These muscles are much easier to engage. If you do not know how to build back muscles in this area, then there are a huge number of different exercises for this, which we will consider below.

The next zone covers the area along the entire spine, from the neck to the lower back. This muscle is called long. Thanks to this, the spine is strengthened. To pump these muscle fibres well, you will need a load such as hyperextension.


Is it possible to build up the back muscles at home?

A pumped up back can be achieved on your own at home. But as mentioned earlier, it is best to carry out all physical exercises in a specially equipped room, that is, in a fitness centre or gym. Home workouts are unambiguously effective, and many examples prove this. However, you need to understand the difference between working out in the gym and doing an intense workout at home. Thus, if you exercise regularly and know how to pump up your back at home, you can achieve your goal.

But why are the results more significant in the gym? The fact is that growth and progress are due to an increase in the load on the muscles, and this requires a regular increase in working weight. At home, it is almost impossible to ensure that you have free weights of various types that can be used for exercise. It should be noted that only experienced athletes who have been involved in sports for at least 2 years can constantly train with a lot of weight. However, at the start, if you want to pump up your back, having achieved a beautiful defined silhouette, you can successfully carry out training on your own at home. But how to pump up your back at home? To do this, you should adhere to some principles.


Basic principles of home workouts

If you adhere to these rules described below, you can achieve noticeable results by exercising at home. So how to build your back muscles? What rules should be followed?

  1. However, this implies that you are allowed to train no more than 2 times a week. This is the best option, since fewer workouts will not allow you to achieve a tangible effect, and if you do it more often, it will be pointless because the muscle group needs time to recover.
  2. What else do you need to know about how to build back muscles quickly at home? At the initial stage and until such time as you do not have the ability to feel every involved and tense area on the back, the exercises should be performed in 3 sets. Each should include about 15 repetitions. Over time, with the acquisition of this skill, you can move on to training to failure, that is, the approaches are performed as many times as there is enough strength for it.
  3. Speaking about how to pump up the back, you should also pay attention to the fact that in no case should you start training with strength exercises. The point is that it can provoke injury. Therefore, before this or that exercise, it is imperative to warm up and do a joint warm-up also.

Since the muscles have the ability to adapt to the nature and plane of the impact of the load, it is best to alternate the training program.

For many beginners who want to build up their back muscle form home, this can be achieved quicker and more effectively by adding in some training aid substances into your training plan. The most effective and widely used for beginners are, Dianabol or Anadrol tablets and to further maximise your gain, Testosterone Propionate is used with either oral substance. With the use of these compounds, a user can stack on 15-20kg of muscle mass within just a few months of use. This helps beginner athletes to climb up faster and progress within their workouts from session to session. These training aids will also majorly increase the user’s strength and power outputs.

Each session should begin with basic exercises. Usually 1-2 is enough. During execution, two or more joints are involved. At the end of the workout, 1-2 isolation exercises are performed when one joint and one muscle is working.


Program 1

How to build the latissimus dorsi? Several basic exercises can be used for this. The most effective of these is the bent-over row using dumbbells. During the exercise, both halves of your back will be worked out.


With dumbbells

How to pump up your back with dumbbells? The legs must be slightly bent at the knees, bend the lower back, lower the body at a right angle, take dumbbells in your hands and direct your elbows up along your body. Raise the dumbbells to the maximum connection of the large shoulder blades so it touches your side, then slowly, stretching the muscle fibres, lower them down to their original position.


Traditional pull-up

The pull-up is another effective exercise to strengthen your back muscles. You need to hang on the bar, while the grip should be straight. Place your palms slightly wider than your shoulder joints. Pull up so that your chin is parallel to the bar. Then go down. The elbow joints should be fully extended during the exercise.

It should be noted that the bar should not be wrapped around the thumbs. If this rule is not followed, then there will be a partial redistribution of the load on your biceps.


Dumbbell Row

We continue to consider how to pump up the back at home on our own. Another effective exercise is a one-handed dumbbell row. To do this, take the starting position, the supporting leg should be straight and the second should be resting against the plane, the knee should be bent. Take the dumbbells in the hand that is on the side of your straight leg. Focus on your other hand. The palm should be under the key joint.

Keep your back arched in the lower back, lift the dumbbells up in the same plane with your body until the muscles contract as much as possible. Return to the initial position.


Program 2

What other exercises are there for these purposes? If you compare basic exercises, the deadlift is considered the best. When done, the muscles of the thighs and buttocks will also be worked out. This exercise is complemented by the work with dumbbells. This is a great option for both beginners and females. Always remember to start your workout with a warm-up.



Take the starting position, your back should bend in the lumbar region, your legs should be slightly bent at the knees and positioned at the width of your shoulders. Take the dumbbells in your hands and lower them in front of you. The incline should be done slowly. The exercise is done until your torso is parallel to the floor. The dumbbells should be close to your body during the exercise. Take the starting position, straighten your body completely.


Narrow grip pull-ups

How to pump up your back on a horizontal bar? To do this, you can perform pull-ups with a narrow grip. The exercise has some differences from the classic version. The difference will be in the position of your palms on the bar. They should be placed so close that the tips of the thumbs touch each other.



Isolation exercises should be done at the end of the workout. For this, hyperextensions are used. If you do not have a special simulator at home for this exercise, you can replace it with a hard sofa or some other hard surface. The main task is to be able to freely move the body up and down from the waste, but it is necessary to fix the legs well. When you do this, your palms should be brought behind the back of the head, and the body with a bent lower back should be tilted to the lower limit, then gently rise up to the maximum with an even back.


Features of training for people with a sore spine

The muscles of the back play an important role in creating conditions for the normal functioning of our body. In particular, they are directly involved in the formation of the muscular corset of the spine, thereby contributing to the removal of some of the load from it, as well as the formation of correct posture. At the same time, weak muscles are a direct harbinger of back pain, including those associated with impaired normal functioning of the spine and its components. Do you want to avoid such a fate? There is only one way out, which is to train your back.

How to pump up your back, how to do it correctly? For this purpose, you can independently perform a certain type of exercise. But in order to avoid wasting time or harming yourself by improperly performing exercises or choosing them incorrectly, it is better to use the help of a specialist who will tell you how to pump up your back muscles. When looking for a specialist, you need to consider that you are looking for a medical professional, and not just a coach preparing champion bodybuilders.

When building up the back, sometimes it is not only huge muscles that athletes strive for, as in many cases, athletes want to build their strength, endurance and definition. In these cases, often Superdrol, testo-cypmax, Provibol or Anavar are used in order to achieve this goal. For females, it is mainly Anavar which is used due to its low Andrognic properties. With the use of these training aid substances, an athlete can gain rapid increases in strength and lean muscle mass growth. You can find all of these substances within our online sports pharmacology store. 

Before starting to strengthen muscles together with a specialist, even if you are not yet tormented by back pain, it is better to undergo an examination. It will help determine the condition of your muscles and spine. Based on its results, independently or together with a specialist (preferably the second), they select a set of exercises and methods for their implementation. When choosing exercises, of course, it is necessary to take into account the degree of load arising during their implementation on the spine, its sections and back muscles.

Therapeutic exercises for back muscles in case of osteochondrosis will help you to improve the mobility of the spine, strengthen the muscles of the back and thereby restore posture.

One of the main exercises with which it is desirable to start and end physical therapy classes, including at home, is vis. Its correct implementation (with the obligatory relaxation of the back muscles) helps to stretch both the spine and the muscles themselves. For execution, you can use a horizontal bar or wall bars. If not available, any well-anchored horizontal bar or a suitable sturdy branch of a tree will do the trick.

It is advisable to perform the exercise for up to 2 minutes. If you can’t, do as best you can, with a gradual increase in execution time.

Then try to pull up (this helps to strengthen the muscles of the arms and the upper part of our body), do a back bend, corner (legs bend forward at an angle of 90% to the body). Calmly, without jerking, smoothly perform these and subsequent exercises of your complex. Remember to take some rest between exercises.

If during the exercise there is no discomfort, no pain, you can increase the load and add more strength exercises, in particular, such as “Strong back”. It is suitable not only for patients, but also for healthy people who do not suffer from back pain, as a prophylaxis. Its regular implementation allows you to strengthen the muscle corset, this happens due to the fact that the back muscles work to the limit.

Executed as below; we lie down on the mat, put a flat roller under the lower back, bend our knees a little and spread them to the width of the pelvis. With some effort we direct the toes towards ourselves and we press on the floor with the heels. The elbows are also slightly bent and the hands are tense. The exercise is done with a press; the head rises, the back of the head comes off the floor, the chin is pressed against the chest with effort. It is necessary to feel how the muscles that run along the entire spine are stretched. Legs and arms are tense. Record this state for a few seconds. Next, we move to the starting position and relax.



How to achieve the result as quickly as possible?

So, now you know how to pump up the back at home. However, many are interested in the question of how long it will take to strengthen the muscles in this area. If you adhere to all the nuances and rules described below, you will be able to achieve your goal as quickly as possible. These rules include the following:

  1. At the end of your workout, be sure to do stretching exercises. Do not ignore this point in any case, as such exercises are very important for the development of muscle fibres. In addition, stretching minimizes the discomfort that occurs after strenuous exercise.
  2. It is necessary to increase loads due to an increase in working weight, but in no case due to an increase in the number of repetitions in the approach.
  3. It is important to observe the features of proper nutrition. The athlete’s diet should consist of half of complex carbohydrates, one third of proteins, the rest of fats. Good nutrition is critical to building muscle.


Summing Up

In conclusion, it is worth noting once again that the effectiveness of training at home will depend on a person’s self-organization and dedication. Do not forget to approach the exercises correctly if you want your back to be pumped up. Be sure to be regular and have a lot of patience. Remember that if you have a sore spine, exercise should be done after consulting your doctor. Finally, for those who wish to gain results in a shorter space of time, selecting the correct training aid substance will allow you to gain these results much faster and more effectively.


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