Motivation levels for training

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The biggest problem in achieving your goals (for example, the growth of muscle mass or the definition of muscles) is, first of all, insufficient motivation for training.

The biggest problem in achieving your goals (for example, the growth of muscle mass or the definition of muscles) is, first of all, insufficient motivation for training. Bad genetics, a lack of time, rain on the streets, under which it is absolutely impossible to go to work out, all these are just excuses that we need more ourselves to calm our own conscience and not get upset about failures. In fact, almost any task can be solved, it all depends on your approach and desire. Now we will determine how you can motivate yourself to work hard and achieve your goals.

Set a specific goal

"Look good" and "lose 5 kilograms of weight", agreed, there is a huge difference in the sound of these phrases. The first is an indefinite desire, and the second is a clearly defined goal. And of course, it is much easier to decide how to achieve exactly the goal, and not chase the dream. So first of all, decide for yourself what you want to achieve in the end.

Tip: For more focus within the day, there have been many successful substances that have allowed users to change their mind-set and become more productive, one of the best substances for this is a nootropic drug called Modafinil. This substance allows for you to focus better, increase the concentration levels and also the motivation levels! 

Divide the goal into several sub-goals

A person, first of all, is motivated by the presence of progress and a sense of achieving the desired goal. If you want to gain 10 kilograms of muscle mass, you will have to work hard for this, and not for one month. Naturally, long-term monotonous work can "kill" any motivation, so it's best to break a large goal into several small subsections. For example: gain 2 kilograms in the first month, 2 more in the second, and so on.

Tip: To speed up this process for muscle gain, there are many helpful substances for this which increase the protein synthesis within the body and also shorten the recovery times while promoting strength and power increases. The most popularly used oral substances for this are Dianabol and Anadrol.

Introduce a bonus system

For the achievement of each sub point, you must "reward" yourself with some kind of bonus. For example, have you wanted to order good headphones for a long time, but you have not to save money. Make this purchase a reward for the achieved goal!

By the way, in addition to the bonus system, you can also introduce a system of penalties, as for each missed workout, "punish" yourself. For example, with a hundred push-ups that you need to perform in half an hour.

Visualize the goal

Find on the Internet the standard (in your opinion) of the figure that you want to achieve. Did you find it? Now print it out and hang it in a visible place, as you should always remember what you are striving for.

Find company

It is much more fun and pleasant to attend training sessions in the company which your friend can both insure and monitor the technique of performing the movement from the side, and become an excellent motivator, if you arrange a small competition among yourself.

However, in this regard, you should not cross the line, as going to the gym with a friend should not negatively affect the quality of training, as you go to work out not for fun and communication, but to work on yourself.

Train with the right music

The best motivation for training is the right music. Headphones in your ears allow you to concentrate on the workout, not be distracted by extraneous noise, and the melody that sounds in them puts you in the right frame of mind. To do this, choose rhythmic, cheerful and intense songs (well, in general, of course, what anyone likes). 


These are a few pointers on the ways in which to increase your motivation levels for training. But the bottom line is, many athletes receive the highest motivation levels when they see results. Many times, athletes train hard and eat clean for many months and when they do not see the results, they do not see the point and quit to early. Luckily, within today’s sport pharmacology, this is where supplementation comes in.

Being that you can find many great training supplements form lean gainers, mass gainers, endurance enhancers, motivation level enhancers, fat loss supplements and even some that increase your cardiovascular performances or increase the natural hunger for a user. Being that there are so many, a user must decide on what goals they wish to achieve and also, which substance suits them and their lifestyle so that they may benefit from their use. You can find many variations of these supplements within our online store with detailed information regarding the benefits and use!

Stop wishing for these results to fall into your lap and select a substance to suit you and your training needs, then get to work and watch a years’ worth of results show within just a few months!

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