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Greetings to all our readers! Today we will touch on one of the most important topics of bodybuilding - the right food after exercise. You will learn what exactly is and how long after the end of your studies. Learn about our body features, which dictate these rules. Also, we will consider the nuances of post-workout nutrition, not only for those who wish to gain weight, but also for those who want to lose weight. In general, it will be very interesting, my friends, so let's get started!

Proper nutrition after training in the UK

As you know, food in bodybuilding - this is one of the most important aspects of a successful construction of beautiful and strong body. You can not just go to the gym, drag it with the iron and lead a normal life, with the usual, for a simple layman, diet. Food is very important. What does the food after a workout - it is generally separate issue that requires detailed consideration and a good understanding.

After working out in the hall, we are launching a major biochemical processes, which ideally should be completed by the increase in muscle strength and volume. But will it happen in reality, very much depends on how you are going to eat in general and after training in particular.

For building muscle you need carbohydrates as sources of energy and protein, as a source material for new muscle fibers. Accordingly, the obvious conclusion is that after training would not badly refuel good foods rich in these substances. But the question is, when and how much to take them? Knowing the answer to it, you can at times enhance the impact of their heavy training in the gym.


The importance of carbohydrates after a workout

So what carbohydrates after training is important - it is an indisputable fact. It remains only to understand what are carbohydrates and after some time they need to use. This we now do.

The most suitable carbohydrates in the post training period will be fast carbs. They are called fast because they are simple in composition and quickly and easily absorbed by the body. Why do we need just such carbohydrates? The fact is that when you train hard and intensely, you are exposed to severe stress your body and muscles in particular. Energy supply your body after a workout at the minimum level and the brain receives a signal about the need for early recovery it. Naturally we here speed is important and that the rate of assimilation, because the sooner we shall fill their energy reserves, the faster the recovery process will go directly muscle growth.

What products can be categorized as containing fast carbohydrates? This fruit, a variety of sweets, white bread, honey and rich flour products. Throughout the day, they are certainly better not to get involved, but after the training, they will be simply irreplaceable. Eat 70-100 grams of carbohydrate fast for 30-40 minutes after classes end. This will provide quick energy to your body, slow the catabolic process and start the process of recovery.

After some time, usually about 1-2 hours after a workout, when your stomach has to recover from training stress, you can lean on a full meal consisting of protein and slow carbohydrates. It can be a variety of cereals, vegetables and potatoes. Carbohydrates contained in them, are slowly and evenly absorbed by the body, gradually filling your energy reserves.


The importance of protein after training

Proteins, as you know, is also an important component of your training diet post. After all, your muscles start to grow, they need a building material for the formation of new cells, than in fact is the protein. However, eating protein immediately after exercise is no longer justified.

As we said above, the digestive system takes time to recover after exercise and begin to function fully. So, during heavy exercise, the whole blood flow is directed mainly in the muscles and deprives attention to other internal organs. In consequence of this, their work is more broken and they are not able to perform it in its entirety. In this case, this applies to the stomach and the digestive system as a whole.

Therefore, downloading your stomach protein immediately after your workout, you give it an excessive burden, with which he is not yet able to cope. Digestion of proteins and their digestion into amino acids, the process is time-consuming and can not be made until your stomach is not ready for operation. On this basis, we conclude that eating protein immediately after exercise is not recommended. Their reception will be justified and necessary after 1-2 hours after strength training.

But do not be upset, my friends. Immediately after training, could and should take BCAA amino acids . Since amino acids - this is the finished product of processing of proteins, they absolutely do not load your esophagus and start immediately absorbed into the muscle. This technique completely protect you from catabolism and starts the process of muscle growth in the first minutes after the workout. But do not forget about fast carbohydrates, because without them, BCAA's action in this case is very small and will go to energy recovery, and not to increase muscle.



To sum up a little. What you need to eat after a workout, and after some time?
Immediately after training , during the first 30-40 minutes after its completion, close the so-called "carbohydrate window" products rich in the fast carbs and amino acids possible.

After 1-2 hours after training proceed to full food intake, comprising a slow carbohydrates, proteins, and the minimum amount of fat. With that, if it is already evening, that is, 6-7 pm, it gives preference to proteins rather than carbohydrates. At that time, both the breakfast opposite - eat more carbs. This can be explained by the fact that in the late afternoon our energy-exchange processes are slowed down and the excess amount of carbohydrate foods, you will likely hips or belly as fat. On the morning of the same, our body is poised to receive a large amount of energy and carbohydrate food, it will only benefit.

Before going to bed , be sure to eat foods high in protein, only the protein casein should be, that is, those who for a long time to digest. The most common product, rich in this kind of protein is the curd. Eat about 200-250 grams of curd for 1 hour before bedtime and you will ensure yourself a steady amino acid pattern throughout the night. If desired, the cheese can be replaced with casein protein, it is more convenient and less will load your digestive system as it goes on in the form of a liquid.


Nutrition after a workout for weight loss in the UK

If you go to the gym with the aim to lose weight, your post-workout nutrition should be different from the above in the bud. So, make up your carbohydrate reserves for you is acceptable immediately after strength training. Why? Let's face it.

Exercising in the hall, you will burn an enormous amount of energy, of course, if you train really high quality, and not sochkuete. Initially, the first 20-25 minutes of training, the body works to "carbohydrate fuel" that is, will consume only carbohydrates and fats are not touching. Further, when the supply of fuel runs out, in the course are the reserves of your body that is fat. From this point on, the power or aerobic exercise begin to pursue your goal to lose weight.

This occurs as follows. When energy is needed for physical activity, and glycogen reserves come to an end (glycogen - are the same carbohydrates, but processed by the body into an energy reserve), begin the process of splitting fat cells, molecules which, through the blood enter the "metabolic furnace". That is burned, releasing the energy we need to continue training.

After the end of the training, these fat molecules in the blood is still big set, and they will be a source of restoring energy reserves, as long as you do not get a portion of the carbohydrates in food. And for you as a person losing weight, it is important to delay as much as possible intake of carbohydrates in the body, because if that happens, the energy recovery already they will be engaged, and the fat molecules return to their former places.

Therefore, useful advice for you. If you lose weight, then after exercise do not eat carbohydrate foods for 1-2 hours. The maximum that you can and will need to take - is the BCAA's, which will protect you from losing muscle tissue. You do not want with the fat burning and muscle, right? But do not also fanatet, generally ignoring carbohydrates after a workout. If you are more than 2 hours to defer receipt of carbohydrate foods in your body, it very likely will begin to actively lose muscle. Since the launch strong catabolic processes, which destroy muscle fibers for energy.

That's probably all. These were the key issues in nutrition after exercise. Follow these rules and you will see how your progress is essential to improve and accelerate. And remember that proper nutrition in bodybuilding, is one of the main components beautiful and strong body. A bad diet will negate all your efforts in the gym. Avoid this mistake ever!

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