The training program for a set of muscle mass

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The most important thing in the UK in bodybuilding is muscle mass. Yes, yes, muscle mass, rather than relief. The relief-this is a minor point in giving the body a beautiful form. Initially it should be a good weight to it was a relief.

The training program for a set of muscle mass is very simple and does not require a high fitness sport man. One need only general fitness. Bodybuilding as psychology-in its essence is very simple, though it did not immediately noticeable, but if you deal with all its subtleties, everything becomes transparent enough. Of course, all these subtleties in this article we will not discuss, but how to gain muscle mass and what training program for this use, consider the following.

The theory of muscle recruitment

So, as mentioned in previous articles on similar topics, in order to gain weight, to be used mostly basic exercises. They are excellent for this purpose. However, the mindless execution of these exercises, you are unlikely to lead to a large amount of muscle. As noted by Joe Weider-renowned trainer and founder of the International Federation of Bodybuilding, muscles react to stress in different ways, depending on the weight of the weights and the number of reps. Thus, if your goal is to gain muscle mass, it is necessary to proceed primarily from these rules.
UK training program for a set of muscle mass involves exercises with weights that you can lift 6-9 times. This approach to training will lead to an increase in muscle strength and make the maximum emphasis on the growth of the mass they are even.
Although also a good option for a set of masses will perform 8-12 reps, but it is for someone like, so we must try and repeat 6-9 and 8-12 to determine what your muscles respond better.
If you perform fewer repetitions, the focus will be, to a greater extent, an increase in power rates, rather than the volume of muscles, if the number of repetitions will be more than 12, the focus will move with muscle growth on the development of muscle endurance. Therefore, during the training on the weight, it is important to be in the range of 6-9 times (8-12), no more and no less.

Exercises should be performed to failure, that is, if you, for example, perform a 9th repetition of any exercise, and 10th already can not perform, then it will be thephenomenon of refusal. If the muscles to failure not to bring, the mass recruitment process will be much less effective, and, for some, are not genetically adapted to the sport of people, and not to be.
Number of approaches in this training program will vary depending on the readiness of the athlete. If you are a beginner and your "experience" of regular exercise not more than 2 months, it should be carried out not more than 1-2 approaches on separate muscle groups. If you are no longer a novice, the optimal number of approaches will be 2-4.
I would also like to note that you have to work mainly in the "negative" phase, that is to spend time dropping a projectile larger than its rise. For example, if you do lifting barbell biceps, then the motion of the projectile up should take no more than 1 second, and his descent should last for at least 3 seconds. This is due to the fact that the muscle in the "negative" phase, and in other words lowering phase gets greater number of microcracks that affect its growth.

Proceed to practice

So now let's go directly to the program itself workouts. But first, a brief digression. If you do not want your muscles are miserable, you do not need to feel sorry for himself in training! Forget the easy fitness training program for a set of muscle mass requires a maximum effort and energy. To muscles grow, they need to give a serious occasion, a good push, the maximum stress!
Exercises will assemble as follows: two muscle groups each workout. Rest between workouts should be 48-72 hours, depending on the rate of muscle recovery, someone this process is faster, and someone slower. Food - mostly protein, preferably half an hour before training and within half an hour after the drink a protein shake.
In this example, we will start our training from Monday. At the beginning of each training session the first ten minutes of aerobic workout to allot, to warm up our body. At the end of training as do 10-minute workout.


Recommended food to the program

The load on the body by a set of very serious weight. It consumes a large amount of energy and, accordingly, it must somehow fill. normal human diet there will be little effect and the negative impact on the result of the training. Therefore, in your diet is necessary to introduce some corrections.
Eating is necessary 4-6 times a day. Virtually no restrictions, except that the amount of servings - they have to be small to the body they make it easier to digest. Do not be afraid to get better, in any case, during the training sessions on the weight, along with the muscles you type and Zhirkov (but it does not matter, because there are training programs in relief)
Greasy food, as much as possible try to eat less, but do not exclude at all, because the fat - are excellent suppliers of energy to the muscles. Also, lean on carbohydrates - they are the "fuel" for your ultra-intense exercise. And most importantly - proteins! Without them, no matter how you trained the muscles will not grow. Because they are composed of proteins and to muscle became more they need a "building material" whose role and acts as a protein. For more information about nutrition, read the article about food for a set of muscle mass.
The golden rule of bodybuilding states that the optimal daily dose of protein for an athlete - is 1.5-2 grams per kilogram of body weight. Not a small amount, which is very difficult to use only with ordinary food. After all, even for the 70-pound athlete it will be 100-140 grams of pure protein. This is equivalent to, say, 600-700 grams of chicken. Not everyone will be able to eat as much meat per day, uncomfortable, and tired quickly. 



This program uses mostly basic exercises in addition to some insulation. It is this, a specially designed training program will help you how to gain muscle mass quickly. Finally I would like to remind once again, do not feel sorry for yourself in training.

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