Terms of training chest muscles

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Powerful and well-developed chest - a dream of many athletes. It pectoral muscles form the characteristic physical shape of the torso, being one of the major muscle groups of the body. Train chest muscle is considered the most important in bodybuilding.
Push-ups, which are the primary anatomical exercise for the chest muscles, have limited the growth of the resource, not allowing you to work with the extra weight - is not only important to know the effective exercises for the chest, but also to understand the anatomy of the chest muscles.

Pectoral muscles: Anatomy

Anatomically chest musculature is divided into major and minor pectoral muscles. Large pectoral muscle has a triangular shape, weaving one of the grounds in the shoulder; small chest is located directly under the large and is more stabilizing than working.
It is important to remember that the chest muscles never act in isolation - in addition to their work in the muscles of the upper zone of the press, the hands will always be involved (especially the biceps and triceps), deltoids, and even the back muscles (latissimus and trapezius).

The best exercises for the chest muscles

The best exercise for the chest muscles are considered to be dips, dilution of dumbbells lying, bench press on a flat bench and bench press on an incline bench. The latter two can be performed with a dumbbell or barbell, acting on the chest in various ways.
The bar will allow workers to use large weight and is less traumatic for the joints due to the limited range of motion, and the possibility of using insurance. Dumbbells allow you to use muscle-stabilizers, focusing on individual beams.


Basic exercises for the chest

The basic exercise is called strength training, at the same time to get involved in the work several muscle groups and acting on muscle growth by increasing the body's hormonal levels. There are five basic exercises - squats, bench press, barbell bench press standing, deadlifts and pull the belt.


Bench press: the secrets of the art

Since the breast is a large muscle group, in addition to the mandatory progress in the working balance is important to pay attention not only to exercise the right technique, but also their diversity, loading the pectoral muscles from different angles to their uniform development.
When you bench press not to relax the muscles in the upper and lower points of the movement, did not straighten your elbows and do not touch the barbell chest. Lift the bar up on the 1-2, is lowered onto the 4-6. At a dilution of dumbbells is not bringing his hands too close and not dilute them behind his back.

The chest is not growing: 2 Errors

If you train hard chest, but it does not grow and does not acquire the desired shape, most likely you assume one of two common mistakes - either chase large weights to the detriment of technology, or train the same beams pectoral muscle.
Periodically change the shells to each training session there were two or three non-recurring exercises. Besides giving preference to basic exercises with free weights, and do not focus on fitness equipment suitable for the most complete workout.

Study of breast forms

Breast Form depends on the inclination of the body during exercise, and the width of the Hands. The best exercises for the lower part of the chest - dips and bench press barbell with reverse slope for verhney- bench press with dumbbells or a barbell on the bench with a slope of 45 degrees.
Breast Center worked out using dumbbells breeding or spreading room simulator "butterfly", as well as perform a bench press close grip. The outer part of the breast, the most massive, worked out the classic bench press with dumbbells or a barbell.

Technique lying barbell bench press

Detailed equipment the lift rod lying on the bench - the best exercise for the chest muscles. All about how to lower the bar, and if the deflection of the back is needed.

The program for the development of the chest muscles

Since breasts - large muscle mass it is easy to increase training with the constant growth of operating weight. Effective methods of negative repetitions, when you are helping to raise the bar, but you omit it themselves, as well as equipment failure and achieve Pumping.

In a simplified form for the chest muscles beginner training program might look like this:

  • Dips - 2 sets and max. the number of repetitions.
  • Bench press - 4 sets of 10 repetitions.
  • Dumbbell bench press on an incline bench - 4 sets of 10 repetitions.
  • Breeding hands with dumbbells lying - 4 sets of 12 repetitions.

Best start and end of training

Before starting a weight training is important to warm up the pectoral muscles - it will suit mahi light dumbbells and various extensions. In addition, follow the first approach exercise with 30-40% of the normal operating weight, gradually increasing the weight of the barbell or dumbbells.
As a warm-up better to use push-ups on the floor or on the bench, as the first strength exercise - bench press or dumbbell bench press. At the end of a workout is better to use sets with more repetitions, the wiring on the block or in a simulator.
Training pectoral muscles - one of the favorite exercises of bodybuilders, since these muscles attract the attention of others. The main secrets of the art breast pumping - steady progress working weights, proper equipment and a variety of exercises.

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