Exercises for the back muscles for girls

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Strengthening back muscles is important for the formation of a beautiful posture, as the strong back muscles support the spine and stabilize the trunk and protect the back.
No-developed back muscles is impossible to train the legs with full force, as many basic exercises on the lower body (squats, for example) is highly loaded and back.

Split-training program for women in the UK

Circuit training the whole body in 30 minutes
Often the girls thighs and buttocks is much larger shoulders and this is due to genetics. If you want to visually reduce the lower body, should pay more attention to the exercises for the back, then the figure will look more in proportion. When losing weight, in any case, will be first to leave the fat from the upper body, so training your back, you can reduce the imbalance of up and down.
Very often the train back on the same day with his chest muscles. If you want to pay more attention to the back, put it in the exercises for the beginning of training, when you have more power.


The number of repetitions and approaches

During high-intensity exercise, aimed at fat loss, it is best to perform 12-15 repetitions in 3 sets for each exercise, so as not to lose intensity. Newcomers are also advised to do at least 12 reps with low weight weights to properly learn a technique, body mechanics memorized movements and could gradually increase the load without risk of injury. Start learning the exercises without weights or with the lungs dumbbells / blank stamp on each workout, try to do more repetitions (with proper technique!) Than the last. When you can easily do 15 repetitions of all, it is necessary to increase the operating weight.
If the main purpose of training - increased muscle mass, the recommended number of repetitions - from 8 to 12 (depending on the weight of dumbbells) 3-5 sets.



Technique performance:

  • back straight, parallel to the floor, knees bent;
  • lifting barbell from the floor begins to shake her hips and at the same time bring back to the upright position;
  • post does not need to pull his hands, they act as ropes;
  • in the final position of the blade should be kept, chest forward;
  • lowering the bar begins with knee flexion, abduction buttocks back and at the same time lowering the back straight forward;
  • rod must move along a vertical path, to pass as close to the shins and thighs;
  • it is important to ensure that the back is not rounded, keep it right at the expense of the abdominal muscles and the spinal erectors.

Exercise is also good for the development of the gluteal muscles.


For those who still can not independently do a single pull, you can use the simulator gravitron. For counterweight score it helps push the body up (the higher the counterweight, the easier it is to catch up). You should start with a counterweight on 5-10 kg less body weight and reduce it by as it becomes easier to catch up. At home, you can put under the feet of the chair and push off from him with one foot.
Using a variety of enough hands when pulling can change the effect on the muscles. But in any case, the original impetus is carried out at the expense of the back muscles, arms are connected at the end. By the crossbar need to stretch the breast, rather than the forehead. The shoulders should be pulled up to the ears.



Technique performance:

  • It is necessary to lie down on an exercise machine leg lead under the rear roller;
  • hips lie on cushions in front, with the hip bones are at the forefront of pillows (if you push the hips 10 cm above, then get more load gluteal muscles, thus it is necessary to adjust the position of the rear roller simulator);
  • legs and spine should be kept on one line and from that position, bent at the hip, fall down;
  • back is rounded with no remains straight;
  • from the bottom point you need to get up to the starting position without pererazgibaya back, it must be aligned with the feet.

To complicate exercises can pick up a dumbbell or pancakes.


Technique performance:

  • Lying on the floor at the same time raise your arms, legs and chest, and hold this position for 2 seconds;
  • For best results, tighten the muscles of the lower back;
  • When lifting breath during lowering - exhale;
  • You can also perform the exercise alternately lifting the opposite arm and leg.


Exercise strengthens both the back and the press.

Technique performance:

  • Starting position: shoulders perpendicular to the floor, the spine in line with the feet (do not lift up the buttocks up, do not bend back down);
  • Shoulders should not be battened down to the ears, neck aligned with the spine;
  • The bar to keep 30-90 seconds.

Complexity; option - lift one leg and hold this position.

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