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Many athletes and fans are aware of this training system as a CrossFit, which results in good physical shape in a short time. This training system contains exercises from the heavy and light weightlifting, gymnastics and sprinting load.
CrossFit has attracted the attention of the United Kingdom, allowing the students to bring in the necessary physical form in a short time. Similar training systems are used almost universally to train soldiers of special units. CrossFit also contains a training program for beginners.

CrossFit training system consists of three types of exercise:

  • Strength training (CrossFit with weights, dumbbells and barbell);
  • Gymnastics and exercises with its own weight;
  • Cardio - swimming, running and so on.

CrossFit program in the hall

When performing exercises in the gym will be located next to the coach, who will select the required complex and prompt in case of error.

Consider a system of exercises that is designed for three days. Exercises in the first and third day repeated.
Before the training, warm-up is needed in the form of running, as well as jumping apart of feet and clapping over his head.
Perform each exercise should be not less than thirty seconds, breaks are not made between the two. It is required to make three or four approaches, each of which is performed at a higher pace than the previous one.
Take a short break, calming breath, and proceed to the main part.

The main part includes the following exercises:

  • Shuttle run;
  • Running High knee;
  • Squats;
  • Squats with a jump in height.

All exercises are also performed as in the warm-up, thirty seconds without interruption. There should be three sets. After training for three or four minutes, performed a hitch: lunges forward, bending the body, etc.
The second day will be appropriate to dedicate cardio training. It does not include breaks and lasts more than 25 minutes.
As in the previous set of exercises you need to do a warm-up, and then proceed to the main exercise.

The main part includes:

  • Shuttle run;
  • Kicks in an imaginary enemy;
  • Sprint (very fast running in place), a few sit-ups and running in place again with the raising of the knees;
  • High jump from a prone position, crouching, high jump again and return to starting position.

CrossFit program at home

CrossFit advantage in the UK is the ability to deal with them at home. Classes include such complexes that are selected individually, depending on what muscle groups you do stop.
Imagine a rough plan, which is designed for two days.
Day 1: push-ups - 10 times, squats - 15 times, pulling up - 6 times. It is necessary to alternate the exercises and make approaches to capacity.
Day 2: running at a distance of 400 meters, pulling up - 6 times, lifting dumbbells - 17 times. repeats the same conditions as in the first day.
This is just one training program for beginners, you can do at home. In fact, there is a lot of them, so you can try a few and choose the most optimal.


To avoid injury, recommend follow these rules:

  • Should not appear heaviness in the muscles, as it usually occurs during the workout in the gym.
  • Fatigue should be stronger than during other workouts.
  • Do not expect instant results.
  • Use the exercises in which the muscles of the whole body will be involved.
  • During training, you can not drink a lot.
  • There should be no breaks between exercises.
  • Exercise should not be repeated, so every day use new.

Exercises and complexes

Consider the main types of exercises with its own weight, forming the basis of CrossFit.

  • Squats, which can have many variations: on two legs, one leg with legs apart, with shifted feet, etc.
  • Jumping include jumping on a small height, for example, or high step stool, and jumping back on the floor.
  • Lunges. Starting from a standing position is a step forward and then allowed to return to its original position.
  • Extension of the back. When performing this leg exercises should be fixed, back relaxed, his hands behind his head. From this position raise the level of the back with the legs and back to back, that is, download the press.
  • Burpoe. This exercise includes the usual push-ups, but after it is leaps and cotton over his head.
  • Pushups upside down. Becoming your hands against a wall to move her own body weight, and do push-ups, his head touching the floor.
  • Rope. This exercise is known to all, but CrossFit jumps have some differences. In one leap is required to scroll rope twice, so that has to jump higher.


Exercises with exercise equipment

In addition to training, which involved their own body weight, it does not exclude the CrossFit exercises with sport equipment. They may be called to CrossFit equipment. Here are the five main types of exercises, which use sports paraphernalia.

  • Raising the rope - this exercise is known to all from a very early age.
  • Dips. Conventional push-ups, only as a support floor is not used, and beams.
  • Pull-ups on rings, which also needs no commentary.
  • Pulling up on a crossbeam. The usual pull-ups, which are executed in the same way as on a horizontal bar.
  • Corner. Choosing any support, as which can act rings, parallel bars, and not only raise straight legs, forming an angle of ninety degrees, stay in this position for a few seconds. If the two legs of the first to raise the difficult, then lift one leg.

Slimming Program

Complex CrossFit exercises for weight loss speeds up metabolism and even achieve the effect without observing a strict diet.
Training will not take much time, but will give a tangible result. You can use the sit-ups, jumping, jumping rope, etc.
Here is an example workout for weight loss, during which you will need only a dumbbell, jump rope, and gymnastic mat. It includes warm-up and the five exercises, to which you do not spend more than twenty minutes.
Warming up is an obligatory stage, which warm up the muscles and prepare the body and the body to carry out the basic course of exercises.


1. Running in place for three minutes (in slow motion).
2. Improvised punches and kicks (ten times for each course).

The first exercise performed with dumbbells.
Stand up straight, pull your stomach, raise your hands with dumbbells over your head, having got his head slightly. Perform twenty squats, holding hands in the initial position.

The following exercise is also carried out using dumbbells, so do not rush to remove them. Train like the cutting of firewood, only using dumbbells instead of an ax.
Now set aside the dumbbell to the side and make the emphasis lying. Bend one knee, then switch feet in some places, without changing the original position.

Exercise like jogging, only lying.

The next exercise, lie down on the floor, taking the emphasis on hands and toes. Make quick twenty push-ups with a small amplitude.
Now, proceed to jump with a rope, but without a rope, exactly repeating all the movements.
After the exercise, repeat them three or four times in the same sequence as far as possible, without making breaks.


Pros and cons of CrossFit

As with any exercise program, CrossFit has its advantages, disadvantages and limitations that can not be ignored.


  • Versatility. You will be able to develop endurance in different sports: running, lifting, etc. If necessary, you will easily overtake the elevator. CrossFit training program for soldiers, as well as for girls, women and newcomers.
  • Lack of uniformity. CrossFit training complex provides the implementation of a variety of exercises that are never the same from day to day. There is an opportunity to connect and combine the most diverse types of loads, so no fatigue from repetitive exercise is guaranteed.
  • Lack of chemistry. CrossFit Classes do not require a specific diet and doping with which the desired result is achieved more quickly.
  • Improvement. Although this point is debatable, with the right approach you will be able to develop a training system that will keep the body and the body at the proper level.



Unfortunately, not yet invented a universal exercise, which would have only one advantage, and suited to all without exception.

  • When doing CrossFit you will gain skills in many areas of sports (track and field, weightlifting, and so on), but to compete with professionals in these areas does not make sense. However, if your goal - the result of a personal rather than a professional sport, the drawback disappears by itself.
  • The slow muscle growth. Compared to bodybuilding, muscles grow several times more slowly, because the goal of CrossFit is to develop all the muscles at once, so this is not surprising.
  • Injury to the muscles and the heart. Too intensive training can occur muscle rupture. Heart during training without rest is also experiencing excessive stress, thus can cause ischemia. For these reasons, it is not necessary to resort to the CrossFit classes in diseases of the cardiovascular system during pregnancy and breastfeeding, with recent surgery or any injuries, pathologies of the musculoskeletal system.
  • The main thing when doing CrossFit, comply in all measure, not increasing the load, wanting to quickly get the result, it is better to go for their goals slowly but surely.

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