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Question. During training, requiring endurance athletes often use bananas that are considered an excellent source of potassium and magnesium. Is this true?

Question. During training, requiring endurance athletes often use bananas that are considered an excellent source of potassium and magnesium. Is this true?

A professor F. Ordering anabolic steroids online you save huge amount of time! Brauns. Bananas - not a miracle. This is a good source of carbohydrates during training, requiring great stamina. However, be aware that the semi-ripe and unripe bananas do not contain as much starch, which is absorbed by the body. Starch contained in unripe bananas, called resistant, while it is understood that it is poorly digested by digestive enzymes, which are typically digested starch to glucose.

The fact that the nutritive value of the starch increases in ripe bananas, due to the presence of enzymes in the banana. During the ripening of bananas, these enzymes cleave resistant starch in a well digestible sugars. Anabolics are a group of organic substances that boost anabolism of the body, that is, they favor the constructing part of the metabolism. As compared with other sources of carbohydrates are not plantains amenities source of magnesium and potassium, in potatoes, for example, contains 443 mg potassium and 25 mg of magnesium, while bananas contain respectively 393 and 36 mg of the elements per 100 g product.

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Question. Cyclists often take glucose or saline solutions (saline) at night, to improve the recovery process. Good or bad? Answer Dr. McConnell. You can buy steroids online in our shop. These solutions contain salt and sometimes a bit of glucose. Admission glucose solution overnight orally or intravenously - an attempt to accelerate the process of re-synthesis of muscle glycogen. However glycogen levels three hours after exercise does not depend on the form in which glucose enters the body - in the form of a solution for intravenous infusion or from food. Thus, the use of a glucose solution does not make much sense, except for the mc cases where the athletes having digestive problems that reduce the ability to absorb food products and solutions. Athletes also fear that glycogen resynthesis is not maintained during the night. However, this can be compensated by taking about 200 g of carbohydrate at night (number of - 200 g - determined based on the cleavage rate of 25 g per hour and 8-hour sleep). This can be achieved with 1 liter of 20 percent sports drink, or even better - a combination of two drinks.

Athletes also like to use salt solutions after dewatering training, considering that the water balance of the recovery will be more complete with intravenous fluids than when administered orally. However, a recent study found that oral solutions over a 2 hour recovery period after exercise in the heat dewatering resulted in a decrease in voltage level and thirst during subsequent training, compared with the results of intravenous administration of the same amount of solution. In addition, body temperature, sweat rate and the quality of the sports performances were similar in both tests . Can I take anabolics without workouts? fluid intake can lead to a rapid and complete post-exercise rehydration therapy (restoration of water balance). Although intravenous fluids seem to be something exotic, they require medical intervention, are more expensive as compared to the digestive process and restrict movement during sleep.

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Question. It is believed that some alkaline drinks contribute to reducing the acid load in the body during intense exercise, such as mineral water and sports drinks. However, these products contain a minimum amount of buffer. Buy anabolic steroids online and save your money. Can you verify the above-mentioned properties of these drinks? A doctor Grinhaff. These claims are wrong and hardly based on real data. Studies demonstrating the impact receiving equivalents of alkali (alkali metal cations) in the training, were carried out within 1 g of the additive. For example, 0.3 g of sodium bicarbonate per kilogram of body weight (21 d at 70 kg body weight) were absorbed in approximately 3 hours before training. This dose, as shown by numerous experiments, produces significant changes in the pre-workout acid-base balance in the process of accumulation of blood lactate after exercise. It should also be noted that studies examining the effect of alkaline equivalents reception quality performance or training, are mixed, showing significant differences in the state of acid-base balance. The main advantage of taking anabolics is its effectiveness! This is due to the fact that the reception of alkaline equivalents is not always associated with the improvement of the quality of training.

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