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Substance: Tamoxifen citrate (Nolvadex)

Recovery therapy in bodybuilding and other sports is of serious importance in helping you recover faster from steroid use. Often it involves the use of Maxi-Fen-20 by Maxtreme Pharma. This is not a steroid but acts as an antioestrogen and contains the active substance, Tamoxifen Citrate (sometimes called Nolvadex). The main property of the drug is the ability to block oestradiol, which is often produced in response to taking steroids.


Almost immediately after the application, the drug increases blood cholesterol levels. This significantly reduces the risk of heart disease, which is known to be the risk for many bodybuilders. Tamoxifen compared with other drugs is very light, it does not harm the internal organs, but rather a positive effect on the human body. It is much safer than other drugs. Even long-term use of it does not bear any harm to the body. Tamoxifen activates the excretion of excess fluid from the body and is ideal for recovery therapy after a course of steroids.


Correct use of Tamoxifen requires adherence to certain rules, which guarantees the maximum effect without the risk of adverse reactions.

1. Dosage is set individually and usually ranges from 10mg to 40mg. Divide the total amount into several parts and take it daily.

2. Duration of intake. This parameter depends on individual physiological features and ideally should not exceed 3 weeks.

3. Contraindications.

Tamoxifen is not recommended for those who suffer from diabetes, renal failure, and heart disease. With competent use, the drug will contribute to the production of natural testosterone, contributing to the restoration of normal levels of sex hormones.


Like any other drug, Tamoxifen has some side effects. Common side effects associated with the use of Tamoxifen Citrate in the UK include hot flushes, stomach upset, headache, dizziness, swelling, and loss of hair.


Most athletes who have bought Tamoxifen, give positive reviews about it. They note its powerful anti-oestrogenic effect and reasonable cost. Here at uk-roids, you will find Tamoxifen at the best price along with delivery to anywhere in the UK.

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