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Anabrez, a non-steroidal drug also known as Anastrozole or Arimidex, is an aromatase inhibitor. This indicates that it prevents the enzyme aromatase from converting androgens, such as testosterone into oestrogen.

Anastrozole is often used in medicine to treat female breast cancer by lowering the body's oestrogen levels which can make cancer grow faster. Men can also use Anastrozole to reduce the effects of having high amounts of oestrogen.



After an androgenic steroid cycle, this drug from Sun Pharmaceuticals is useful in assisting with hormone balancing. Androgenic steroids are rapidly converted to oestrogen once inside the body.

In the male body, this can lead to unpleasant side effects like gynecomastia, fluid retention, acne, and more. By lowering the quantity of oestrogen produced during androgen conversion and thereby raising the body's testosterone levels, Anastrozole stops these harmful effects from occurring. Men benefit from this much more than women do.



The drug Anastrozole is extremely efficient and versatile, with many possible uses.

The drug can be used in two ways: first, to treat adverse effects that have already manifested themselves during or following a steroid cycle (during post-cycle therapy).

Anastrozole should reduce negative effects including gynecomastia and other issues whether used for a week during a steroid cycle or for 2-4 weeks after a steroid cycle.

Throughout the steroid cycle, Anastrozole can be used as a preventative measure. If this approach is adopted, a small amount of 0.25 to 0.5 mg daily should be administered. In this situation, Anastrozole is not required for post-cycle therapy.



Women should not use Anastrozole without a valid approval from a doctor due to potential hormonal issues and anyone with heart disease shouldn't take it either due to a fall in cholesterol levels.

Anyone else shouldn't experience side effects if they use the drug properly and carefully. However, in certain instances, symptoms such as nausea, weakness, hot flushes, skin rashes, back, skin, throat, and joint discomfort, abrupt mood swings, depressive episodes, and sleeplessness may also occur.

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