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Substance: Tamoxifen citrate (Nolvadex)

Altamofen tablets are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory tablets containing Tamoxifen Citrate (also known as Nolvadex), which basically functions as a medication against cancer. Tamoxifen citrate blocks the biological effects of the female hormone oestrogen to develop breast cancer. Tamoxifen Citrate tablets are administered as an oral therapy for women, and men, who have developed breast cancer, are dependent on oestrogen for their growth and survival in the body.

Since Nolvadex pills mimic the characteristics of an anti-oestrogen, bodybuilders and athletes worldwide, including the UK, also use Tamoxifen pills to reduce the adverse effects of oestrogen, such as gynecomastia, water retention, which are developed at the end of a steroid cycle. It blocks oestrogen receptors and increases the effectiveness of steroid courses. Compared to Clomid, Tamoxifen is much stronger so the dosage should be half.

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This drug is manufactured by Alpha Pharma in tablet form. The main component, Tamoxifen, inhibits the aromatization of testosterone. One box contains 50 tablets, each containing 20mg of the active substance. Positive effects of Tamoxifen:

• Blocks the effects of oestrogen;

• Increases high-density cholesterol levels and reduces harmful cholesterol;

• Restores the secretion of natural testosterone;

• Prevents fluid accumulation.

Tamoxifen is a pricy medication but you can purchase it in our store at a very affordable price.


To avoid "kickback", take Tamoxifen 2-4 weeks after the end of the anabolic steroid cycle. There is no point in using this substance during a course because the active ingredient will significantly reduce the effect of steroids and cause side effects. Instead, use aromatase inhibitors such as Anastrozole. The recommended dosage of Tamoxifen for athletes who have gynecomastia or have an increased tendency to aromatization is 20-30mg per day until side effects are eliminated. For prophylactic purposes take 10-15mg per day. Take tablets with food and wash them down with water. The highest concentration in the body is reached within 4-7 hours.


You can combine Tamoxifen during PCT (post-course therapy) with aromatase inhibitors, mainly Proviron. On no account should you use Tamoxifen after Trenbolone, Nandrolone, or Oxymetholone as you are increasing the quantity of progesterone receptors, Tamoxifen increases the probability of all side effects inherent to progestin. In that case, it is better to replace it with Clomid.


In the case that Tamoxifen is used incorrectly or abused, the following side effects may occur:

• An increase in temperature;

• Headaches;

• Water retention;

• Suppression of insulin-like growth factor;

• Vision problems.


The enthusiastic reviews of athletes on forums confirm that Tamoxifen is safe and especially effective in combination with Proviron. It helps quickly restore the production of the body’s testosterone, maintains gained muscle mass, and, thanks to its anti-estrogenic properties, keeps fat cells low.

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