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Dimethazine is really Superdrol molecule option with almost exactly the same characteristics. This is really just 2 molecules superdrol paired together and break apart those molecules in the body to form 2 Superdrol molecule. Dimethazine (UK) very similar in effect to Superdrol, but may be slightly weaker in the liver, due to the bond issue. Nobody knows where the molecule is actually shared, so it is possible that the molecule makes it for the liver and passes the first pass, thus making them less liver stressful.

That being said, Dimethazine has just about the same features as Superdrol, meaning it will likely be very supressive to the natural production of androgen and can not convert to estrogen, making the need to stack it with something "wet" pretty common. Dimethazine should have the same harsh effect on cholesterol and blood pressure as a Superdrol, since it is a mixture of DHT which is very dry. Common side effects are similar to how the back of the extreme pumps, the ability to acquire the dry weight of 15-18lbs in a period of 3 weeks, aggressive mood and acne

Benefits of Dimethazine

DMZ is not scented, it does not affect estrogen levels and does not cause gynecomastia. It promotes quality set of muscles in the body with no excess fluid is delayed, whereby the drug is effective in drying.

The drug significantly strengthens muscles while increasing power rates. Athletes worldwide, including the UK who took this drug, noted that progress becomes visible in a rather short period of time.Because of increased blood flow going strong pumping muscle, thereby improving their relief.

DMZ - sufficiently effective additive. It has the same effects that occur when taking other powerful anabolic steroids and prohormones in thr UK. One of the significant advantages over these means is to minimize side reactions.

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