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Package: 10ml vial (300mg/ml)
Substance: Boldenone undecylenate (Equipoise)

Bold-Max is a top-notch product from Maxtreme Pharma, a company in Singapore. The company only uses 100% original raw materials in its products, which are of the greatest quality. Boldenone Undecylenate, also popularly known as Equipoise or simply EQ, is the product's active component.



Contrary to Nandrolone and Methandrostenolone, Boldenone Undecylenate actively binds to androgen receptors. Boldenone has the effect of growing only high-quality muscles with little water retention and no fat because it is virtually unable to convert to oestrogen and progesterone.

Due to the fact that Undecylenate is 1 atom longer than Decanoate, the cycle can last up to 10 weeks. When taking Equipoise, athletes frequently notice an increase in strength that is remarkable as well as an improvement in the quality and refinement of their muscles.

By the end of the program, the user may have gained +6kg, and occasionally even more, with no apparent bloating of the muscles, just quality and dryness remain. The results last for a very long period because there is only a tiny rollback phenomenon as the volumes rise.

One of the drug's other key characteristics is increased appetite. Haematopoiesis stimulation and appetite stimulation improve oxygen delivery to the muscles, which improves endurance, power, strength, and speed as well as increases training volume and intensity.

Boldenone Undecylenate has a very long half-life of 14 days. It is also not advised to use the drug during active sporting seasons when the athlete has to be certain of the purity of the doping test results because it might stay in the body for several months even up to a year.



Based on the athlete's intended goals, an Equipoise cycle is created. It is popular in all sports, and dosage control can give a competitor access to both dry and full muscles of different types.

Boldenone and Nandrolone Decanoate are frequently compared. Although these two substances have different effects but function in similar ways, the athlete nonetheless experiences the same results.

Deca in a solo cycle is often not without adverse effects. Although everything is lot easier when it's used in a cycle with Boldenone.

Equipoise is often given to men in doses of 400–600mg per week, divided into two injections. However, some individuals are able to raise the dosage to 1000mg each week. It all depends on how long they've been using anabolic steroids.

The typical dose for women is 25–50mg per week, however extreme caution must be exercised. Reduce the dose of Boldenone or discontinue using it altogether if you experience severe negative effects.

Boldenone, as previously established, can have beneficial effects both during the drying process and throughout the bulking period. The drug pairs flawlessly with Trenbolone or Winstrol during a drying cycle. The user can gain up to 4kg of lean, dry muscle as a result, and subcutaneous fat can be reduced by a significant amount.

Take Boldenone together with Dianabol or Testosterone Enanthate to develop muscle mass. Regularly take BCAA and protein-based sports nutrition for the best results. Use Proviron 100mg daily beginning in the third week of the cycle to prevent a reduction in endogenous testosterone secretion.



Equipoise is a relatively moderate drug, there are hardly any adverse effects. They are typical of the majority of drugs and won't bother the user if the amount is incorrectly assessed. Rare side effects include greasy skin, unnatural hair growth, acne, hoarseness and voice deepening, and hair loss on the top of the head. In those who are prone to acne, the chest, back, and shoulder regions are most frequently affected. Soap and lotion with an antibacterial component must be used while using this drug.

Athletes frequently mention a tremendous appetite, as Boldenone reviews claim. Throughout the program, the acute appetite should be directed toward foods high in protein, with a little reduction in carbohydrates and elimination of fats.

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