Brand: Maxtreme
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Package: 15000IU (3 vials of 5000IU each)
Substance: HCG

Gona-Max is another name for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), which is produced by the company Maxtreme. HCG is also known as the pregnancy hormone because it is produced by cells in the placenta. Pregnant women use the drug to support the healthy growth of the uterus and foetus.

Men use HCG to help treat symptoms of hypogonadism, such as low testosterone and infertility. Bodybuilders use the drug to prevent hypogonadism and testicular atrophy from the use of steroids.



After 6 weeks of steroid use, testicular atrophy may occur due to the natural production of hormones being negatively affected. For this reason, HCG is used in or after a cycle to restore hormone production in the body. The drug works to maintain the production of important hormones such as progesterone, oestrogen and testosterone.

After the reduction of the natural testosterone production from the use of anabolic steroids, using HCG stimulates cells in the testes to help them produce more testosterone and sperm in order to restore production back to normal. Doing this helps you to avoid side effects such as hypogonadism and infertility and its use also restores testicular size.



This drug comes in 3 vials that contain 5000IU of HCG in the form of a dry powder and 3 ampoules containing a liquid solution. Mix the substances together and then inject them intramuscularly. The drug only needs to be used if the steroid cycle is 6 weeks or longer.

The drug is used during a cycle to maintain hormone production at a normal level over the course of the cycle. The drug can also be used with other drugs after a steroid cycle during PCT in order restore normal hormone production after it has already been decreased.

For use during a steroid cycle, we recommend using a dosage between 250 - 500IU per week.

When using the drug during PCT, we recommend using a dosage between 500 - 2000IU.

Administer injections every 5 for a period of 3 weeks (we recommend a break of at least the same amount of time before you continue use of the drug again).



The use of HCG after a cycle has a lower chance of causing side effects than if taken during a cycle. For this reason, people prefer taking the drug during PCT.

Some potential side effects include:

  • Acne
  • Pelvic pain
  • Swelling
  • Weight gain
  • Diarrhoea
  • Nausea or vomiting

Proper use of the drug minimizes the risk of side effects.

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