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Substance: Turinabol (4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone)
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Turinover - anabolic steroid by UK producer Vermodje, widely used in the iron sport and not only. The main active ingredient - hlordegidrometiltestosteron (Turinabol). It is used to increase the power rates, total muscle mass, increase endurance and speed of an athlete, make the muscles more prominent and hard. By adding chlorine to the basic molecule of the active ingredient (methandienone in the UK), the drug has fewer side effects, and it has not aromatize lower androgenic activity.

Turinover from Vermodje used as power sports athletes from the UK, and athletes who want to increase their speed performance. Using it is also possible for medical purposes. On the basis of the substance hlordegidrometiltestosteron there are quite a large number of products from different manufacturers, which are not much different, except, often, the cost. Turinover from Vermodje you can buy at a fairly reasonable price, the products of this company is mainly positive reviews.

Turinabol's (Turinover) use by athletes:

  1.   Powerlifters, bodybuilders, weightlifters and other security officers take a steroid in order to become an order of magnitude stronger physically;
  2.   The same security officers undergo his course before speaking at competitions, since the active substance is completely eliminated from the body within 10 days;
  3.   Recommended for beginners in the sports world and young athletes, due to the properties of the drug, minimally inhibit the production of own testosterone, as well as provoke side effects;
  4.   The drug is used as a bridge between steroid courses of stronger drugs, that is, to relax the body, and also ensure the safety of the results;
  5.   Relatively safe for women, in particular athletes. They use the drug in a daily amount of 20 mg; in women's sports, a steroid is appreciated for the lack of virilization and other negative consequences for the body;
  6.   It is used for perfect body drying, can be combined with other AAS, for example, with Stanozolol.

The active ingredient can be used and experienced professional athletes and novices (they, of course, desirable to use, due to inexperience, the athlete may simply select the wrong dosage). Turinover not flavored, reduced androgenic activity, but an oral form of release will be more toxic to the liver and excreted from the body within 6 weeks. Pre-cycle best to consult with an experienced person in this field. Active drug is 16 hours, hence it must be taken daily. Minimized water retention, so the muscle mass you typed for this course will be the maximum quality.

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