Cernos Gel (Testogel)

Cernos Gel (Testogel)

Brand: Sun Pharmaceuticals
Product Code: 646
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Package: 5g (14 sachets)
Substance: Testosterone gel

Cernos gel by Sun Pharma is a steroid for external use. The active ingredient is 50mg of testosterone per 5g sachet. Testosterone is a hormone necessary for the full physical and sexual development of men. Its deficiency causes pathological diseases (hypogonadism). To restore the balance of hormones for the regular athlete, rather than turn to pills or injections, various means are used, such as ointments or gels. 

This drug has become very favourable to many athletes, the elderly generation and also the normal gym users due to the ease of its use and also, mainly the non-invasive administration procedure that this great product provides. 


Testosterone in the male body is of great importance. It affects the appearance of secondary signs in puberty such as, the growth of genitals, hair growth and a deepening of the voice though puberty. 

Testosterone also enhances the sexual attraction and body shaping, subcutaneous adipose tissue and the bone tissue in adult men. Its deficiency leads to hormonal disruptions such as hypogonadism. 

As for the effects of taking testosterone gel, they include:

  • Increase in sex drive
  • Improvement in mood and mental health
  • Strengthened bones
  • Increase in muscle mass
  • Improved sexual function
  • Increased motivation and energy


After applying the gel, it is absorbed through the skin by 10-15% of the dose that is applied. Absorption into the blood occurs throughout the day via a relatively constant concentration, which appears from the second day of the substance’s use. 

The fluctuations in accumulation are approximately the same as endogenous testogel uk testosterone. Due to being absorbed from the outside, the hormone does not enter in large doses as it does with intramuscular injections of testosterone. The accumulation slows down form the time of administration and decreases dramatically after 24 hours from the last dose. While having a testosterone deficiency, the normal levels of testosterone for the body are fully restored after just three days of use. 

On dry and previously cleansed skin, apply the packet of testosterone gel and spread all of the gel over the skin in a thin layer to be absorbed. It can be applied to the abdomen, shoulders or arms. After administration, let the product dry before getting dressed or covering it with a piece of clothing. This takes about 5 minutes in duration to dry.

Each 5g sachet contains 50mg of testosterone. Therefore, the recommended testosterone gel dose for bodybuilding purposes is several sachets of gel per day, depending on your goal.

For better absorption of the gel, it can be combined with Carbomer and plain water before applying the substance onto the skin for the body’s consumption.

Keep the sachets at room temperature while stored out of the reach of children. Use before the expiration date which is provided on the packaging.


If a user has any of the following diagnoses, please reframe from the use of testosterone gel: 

  • Intolerance and hypersensitivity to testosterone and its components.
  • Suspicion or presence of oncological neoplasms.
  • For women and children.
  • Heart insufficiency.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Diseases of the liver and kidneys.
  • Epileptic seizures.
  • Severe headaches or migraines.

The hormonal agent is not always compatible with some other medications. Use the gel with caution if any of these following statements applies to you: 

  • Taking corticosteroids and having heart or kidney problems, as this may cause swelling.
  • Those who are on anti-coagulants should monitor and take blood tests for the entire period of the therapy.


The use of testosterone gel or its abuse, can lead to undesirable effects such as change in blood composition (increase in lipids), modifications to the prostate gland (hypertrophy), gynecomastia, mood swings and aggressiveness, dizziness or weakness, high blood pressure, intestinal distress, hair loss (alopecia) and the appearance of a small rashes.


There are many generic versions of this drug that are available. It is often asked which substance is better, Testogel or Androgel? The answer to this question is that there is no particular difference. The active ingredient is one of the same, only with different manufacturers producing the product and their different prices. With this substance, you do not have to worry too much regarding fakes, as these are mainly used for a majority of people who cannot use, or do not like to use other methods of testosterone such as in, higher dosages with different administration routes. Nevertheless, here at, we strive to ensure only the best quality substances go to our customers and we work closely with the big pharmaceutical manufacturers to ensure we stock our inventory with only genuine and original products! 

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