Andriol Testocaps

Andriol Testocaps

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Substance: Testosterone undecanoate
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The drug used in bodybuilding andriol relatively recently, since the late 80-ies of the last century. It is an anabolic steroid, the active substance - testosterone undecanoate. Available in capsules and injections, used most often in oral form. Reason - quite low compared with other similar substances, toxicity to the organism and expressed displays flavoring. In the women's sport is not used, although the medicine is sometimes prescribed for abnormally high levels of estrogen, uterine cancer and several other diseases.

Use of Andriol Testocaps

1. Muscle Mass gaining. Young and fresh bodybuilders may well begin to get acquainted with testosterone precisely from Andriola. An excellent androgenic basis of the cycle for an organism not impregnated by the supplements. There is also a guarantee of the absence of side effects.

2. Cutting. Perhaps the only version of testosterone that does not hold water and aromatizes in microscopic quantities. That is, it will perfectly complement the typical speakers for this period. Naturally, it will not protect meat in the same way as testosterone propionate (for example). But the risk is zero.

3. Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT). The drug does not even affect the production of its own testosterone. But, in general, you can start PCT the day after the final dose of Andriol (naturally, if there are no longer-playing AC esters on the cycle).

Side effects

Often write that andriol in bodybuilding is not a problem. In practice, the use of high doses, the following side effects - acne, frequent erections, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, fluid retention in the body. All of this is critical for competing athletes from the UK, because drug use or in conjunction with other forms of injectable steroids, or do not use. The list of contraindications include high blood pressure, heart, kidney and liver failure and cancer.

Reviews Andriol by UK athletes

If we look at the reviews of Andriol in bodybuilding, you will notice that it is used mainly by those who are just beginning to use steroids. The people are of the opinion that it is safer than injections. It is, incidentally, has been refuted by experts in the subject, and they always indicate that a dose of 240 mg daily - is high, and can not go to the body without side effects.

Usually andriol used during the set weight, judging by the reviews on the use in bodybuilding in Europe, including the UK, it really is delayed by a large amount of water. The rest, as nowhere manifests the individuality in action of drugs - some gaining muscles well, others do not see the results of the third compared with the classic "courses", and not in favor of Andriol.

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