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Pharmachologic effect

The active ingredient of Dostinex - Cabergoline, dopaminergic agent, a derivative of ergoline. It has a long and pronounced effect of reducing prolactin. It acts by blocking the secretion of prolactin as a result of direct stimulation of the pituitary cells in laktotrofnyh D2-dopamine receptors. At higher doses also observed dopaminergic central stimulant effect on D2-receptors. This drug is different from other property prolaktinsnizhayuschih funds.

Already 3 hours after administration of Dostinex in a decrease in the blood level of prolactin, which is maintained for 7 to 28 days in healthy subjects and patients with elevated prolactin. The effect when used in post-lactation period lasts 2-3 weeks. From the digestive tract is rapidly absorbed. Maximum plasma concentration is achieved in 0.5-4 hours after the internal administration of the drug. The half-life was assessed by the rate of elimination of cabergoline in urine - it was in healthy individuals 63-68 hours in patients with hyperprolactinemia - 79-115 hours. Because the half-life of cabergoline substantial equilibrium concentration of the drug attained within 28 days. Associated plasma proteins of about 41-42% of cabergoline.


• In women - treatment of hyperprolactinemia, which manifests infertility, menstrual disturbances (oligomenorrhea, amenorrhea, anovulatory menstrual cycles), galactorrhea;
• for men in the UK and in the rest world - the treatment of hyperprolactinemia, which is manifested decreased libido or impotence;
• prolactin pituitary adenoma (micro- or macroprolactinoma);
• idiopathic hyperprolactinemia;
• empty sella syndrome;
• to suppress physiological lactation after giving birth at the unwillingness or inability of women to breastfeed, or contraindications to feeding to the child or mother;
• to prevent lactation after giving birth in the case of abortion or stillbirth.

Mode of application

For suppression of lactation postpartum
On ½ tablet (0.25 mg) every 12 hours for 2 days.

To prevent lactation UK

Momentary 1 mg on the first day after birth.

In the treatment of hyperprolactinemia

Receive Mode assigned dosage - 1-2 times a week on certain days (eg every Tuesday at 1 time every week or every Tuesday through Friday at the time, 2 times a week). First, it is recommended to take lower doses of the drug - by ½-1 tablet (0.25-0.5 mg) 1 times a week. If necessary, gradually increase the dose according to tolerability and therapeutic response. increase the dosage regimen: 0.5 mg every month administration.

The average therapeutic dose of Dostinex (UK) - 1 mg / week. Usually, for the treatment of hyperprolactinemia maximum dose is 4.5 mg / week. If you use more than the dose of 2 mg / week, then it is divided into 2 doses. Once selected the optimal dosing regimen, must be 1 time per month to carry out determination of the content of prolactin in the blood. On average, normalized UK prolactin levels observed after 0.5-1 months of treatment.

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